VR Dev – Part 1: Set up UDK, Notepad++, SixenseSDK

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Hydra support in UDK, VR Dev
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So, first things first. I downloaded some things:


Installed UDK. After installing, checked out the UDK folders. According to most tutorials, it is important to know which folder does what:

  • Binaries – contains the game executable, UnrealFrontEnd, and other important stuff. Won’t need to mess with this much.
  • Development – this folder is where your game source code will be. Get comfortable!
  • Engine – this folder is required by Unreal Engine 3. Won’t need to mess with this much either.
  • UDKGame – this is where the files and content for the game hang out. Several folders should be here, including Config, Content, Localization, Movies, Script, and Splash.

Now its time to make a few more folders that will hold the game content. I am naming this first effort “HydraGame”. Yeah, unique right? (forgive my use of the wrong slashes here)

  • Created folder “HydraGame” in ..UDKGame/Content. Created folders “Levels” and “UPK” within ..UDKGame/Content/HydraGame.
  • Created folder “HydraGame” in ../Development/Src. Created folder “Classes” within ../Development/Src/HydraGame.


Using UDK will involve writing source files in UnrealScript (these files have the extension .uc). There are a few ways to do this, (nFringe and Visual Studio?) but my preferred method is to use Notepad++. After you install the program, you will need to add the UnrealScript Plugin:

  • Place UnrealScript.xml into C:/Users/Username/AppData/Roaming/Notepad++/plugins
  • Place userDefineLang_UnrealScript into C:/Users/Username/AppData/Roaming/Notepad++, then rename it to userDefineLang.xml

Username refers to whatever your username is on your computer.

Now open up Notepad++, set the Language to UnrealScript. The window turns blue! Ready to create some .uc files!

Sixense SDK

Downloaded the SDK through Steam. UDK only needs the dll file from the SDK.

So I copied sixense.dll from ..Steam/steamapps/common/sixense sdk/SixenseSDK/bin/win32/release_dll to ../Binaries/Win32/UserCode.


So all the pieces are in place to begin integrating the Hydra and develop some stuff with UDK. More to come!


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