VR Dev – Part 3.5: GitHub and UnrealScript

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Hydra support in UDK, VR Dev
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Hello fellow VR heads!

Not a big update this week, still tooling around with some code but haven’t made progress worth posting. However, I found a good resource if you are a newcomer to UnrealScript:

Archived World of Design UnrealScript Tutorial

Also, in order to get around the issue of WordPress screwing up quotation marks in code, I took the time to set up and figure out GitHub. You can now download the source from previous blog entries here:

CymaticSoft GitHub VRDevTutorial_2

CymaticSoft GitHub CraigDeLancyHydraSource

From now on, complete source will be posted on GitHub. Simply click on the “ZIP” button to download it for yourself!

Frustratingly, I seem to be the only GitHub user working on the Hydra in UDK. On the up side, there are a few folks working on Hydra stuff in blender, OpenGL, and other environments. Search GitHub for “Razer Hydra” and you will see.

Okay! I am going to get back to tooling around with Craig’s code, see if I can get the Hydra fully functional in the default Unreal game and begin linking the Hydra to the skeletal movement of the pawn. Oh yeah, I pledged for an Oculus Rift on the first day of the Kickstarter, so I hope to receive my dev kit soon. I will be posting unboxing and first impression vids when I do!




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