VR Dev – Part 8: Exploring my Personal Holodeck

Posted: April 11, 2013 in VR Dev
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Hey VR Heads!

Special Update! So my Rift arrived on Monday, and I have hardly slept since I got it. I have tried a whole lot of random software, including:

-Oculus Tiny Room
-Oculus Tuscany Demo
-Rust Ltd’s Museum of the Microstar
-UDK Maps
-VR Player
-Mirror’s Edge with Virieo
-Various YouTube videos and webpages
-A SBS 3D movie in media player

And finally, my own creation!! Walking down hallways and looking around a room that I put together was surreal. Is this how architects feel?

In other news, my videos on YouTube of my first impressions have become quite popular! The immense amount of support from this community has floored me. This spirit of support and cooperation will definitely take us to the next level in VR experiences!

Back to editing video, replying to comments, and logging more hours in the Rift!



  1. TravisK says:

    Love the eyes you put on your rift Bruce. Keep up the good work. 😉

  2. jayoh says:

    hey cymatic! keep chugging along. i’m curious, what are you end intentions with your UDK experiments? what weapons, tools or game modes would you like to implement? is the holodeck merely a portal to other play areas in which different actions are available?

    sorry for the loaded questions!

    • Hey Jayoh! Great questions, I love ’em! 😀

      Right now, my mission is two fold: to make a simple experience that I would enjoy, and develop tutorials that help the community.

      My idea with the Holodeck is that it serves as a hub for a variety of short experiences, each of them showing off a unique VR game mechanic that the player has to learn/demonstrate for the win condition. Sort of like a VR Wario Ware, but way less frantic!

  3. LockeDown says:

    I really like the holodeck concept. Great way to jump into new test levels or scenarios but with extra immersion. Almost like a dream within a dream. Would be nice to add voice commands to load scenarios in there. Good stuff.

  4. Alex says:

    Hey man this is fracking awesome! I used to fantasise about walking around the Enterprise 🙂 Will you be publishing this demo? My hydra just arrived, my rift is ready for shipment and my new gamer PC arrives on Wednesday!

  5. lazzerac says:

    Hi Bruce! I was wondering how easy it would be to use the rift in an environment like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=S530Vwa33G0
    This combined with the ability to fly/move smoothly throughout the level would be incredible. But I’m not so certain about the Rift’s performance. What do you think?

    • I think that might be really disorienting, or really cool depending on the user. Any experience where the camera has control must be done VERY carefully. The shifting shapes will not help with the queasiness. XD

  6. Brammie says:

    Hi Bruce,

    Love your vids! I just orded my own RIft, shipping in June 😦
    Anyway, could you try out Crysis (1 or 2) with Vireio? Crysis is one of the best looking games there is so I’m really curious how it will look.

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