VR Dev – Part 10: Kismet Lights and Epic Sights

Posted: April 22, 2013 in VR Dev
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Hi Rifters!

Here we go with another VR Dev journal entry. Not a whole lot to show off here – this past week was a crazy one! I have been helping test alpha builds, writing articles for Road To VR, making videos, and even doing an interview or two. Whew!

In this video, I show off the Kismet toggle switch. A great place to learn how to do that is the 3DBuzz tutorials:


Also, I have begun working on the key functionality of the Holodeck – taking you somewhere else. My first test is to gradually take the player from the holodeck room to the epic courtyard. In my first attempt, I simply made the walls invisible when opening the door. DOH!

Game development requires a lot of determination, and sometimes things don’t progress as quickly or as smoothly as we hope. Don’t give up!

Logging Out,


  1. cTools says:

    Huhu that’s a start, but one step at a time and soon it will be a great demo.
    Maybe when I will finally get rifted, you wil have a something great released 🙂 Good luck !
    Btw, did you succed to map correctly your razer hydra with your avatar ?

  2. Fab says:

    Hey Bruce, I’ve just decided to splurge and ordered a rift devkit… Now I find myself looking for various tutorials to give life to what is in my head. However, I do not really know where to start.
    I suppose I should dowload a rift friendly engine, try creating a map and see how it goes from there? Do you have tutorials you find useful (I would like to create some crypt/church like room, something very basic at first, even a square empty room would do), any tips? I might be a noob at this but oh the ideas I’m having!!

    Great videos btw 🙂

    A bientot


    • Hi Fab!

      Definitely take a look at my first posts, and at my “blogroll” links on the side – they have excellent starting points for UDK. If you are looking to use Unity3D, I recommend the Tornado Twins tutorials on YouTube. Those guys rock! Another option is Torque 3D, which I may take a look at. It seems really cool!

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