Cymatic Software

Welcome to Cymatic Software!  Right now, CymaticSoft is just me. I am looking to make fun and interesting games and interactive experiences.

So what’s in the oven?

I am tinkering with UDK, the Razer Hydra, and the Oculus Rift dev kit. Lots of ideas, but no definite plans yet.
Here you will find info about my development process, links to useful resources, and media of works in progress.

This site is part tutorial, part journal, and all heart!

About Me

My name is Bert “Cymatic Bruce” Wooden. I am currently employed as Program Director for The Tech Museum Summer Camps in San Jose and Technology Curriculum Writer for Galileo Innovation Camps located in the San Francisco Bay Area. My history is varied: I have managed game stores, worked tech support at SCEA, taught video game design, developed museum exhibit science content, written and delivered science curriculum. My educational background is in physics. I have always been interested in game design and VR, but have been mostly involved in the science education field since 2008.

Once the Rift hit, I knew I would want to contribute to this resurgence of VR. Months ago, I began brushing up on my development skills in preparation. Once I received my dev kit, I posted some first impressions videos as a part of my personal documentation of my dev experience. One thing led to another, more videos were posted, and then the stories about my VR adventures were in the gaming press. Life hasn’t been the same since! I am now a “VR Vlogger” and guest contributor to the VR news site Road To Virtual Reality.

I believe that VR is a new medium with wide applications, and we are currently standing at the ground level of a shift in consumer technology. I am currently evaluating what role I will play as this industry grows. I am open to discussions on collaboration and consulting, and I am excited to find what new opportunities lie ahead in the field of VR experiences!


Bert “Cymatic Bruce” Wooden
Founder, Cymatic Software

LinkedIn | @CymaticBruce | Bruce@CymaticBruce.com

  1. Hi Bruce how are you? I am a 3d Artist and would like to know if you would be interested in collaborating together? I saw the latest entry for your vr dev journal and thought I should contact you. I have a vague idea for a VR game that I think would be great, but at this moment I’m only able to provide 3d content in my spare time and I don’t know anything about UDK or the Razer Hydra. the main inspiration for my VR game idea comes from this clip :

    Let me know if you’re interested 🙂 Greetings from Portugal!


    • Hi Alberto!

      I watched that clip, it was fascinating! I have never seen anyone attempt such dynamic and exciting portrayals of the magnetic field in action!

      I am still learning UDK and Hydra myself – I am very much a beginner to 3d game design. Perhaps after I gain more skill (and get my own simple concept of the ground) I will be in a better position to collaborate! I would love to stay in contact with you and discuss game ideas and possible collab in the future. I am not sure if wordpress offers a private message option, but you can send me a private message through YouTube (Cymatic Bruce) and we can exchange emails!

      Thank you,


  2. Sure that would be great. We can exchange ideas back and forth if you want. You seem to be a SciFi enthusiast just like myself, so yeah that would be really cool. I´ll send you a private message on Youtube! Later 😀


  3. @Alberto,
    great effort – well-done.
    please drop me an email – kwp [at] thestingerreport [dot] com
    am writing a book on the sector, and would like to touch base on your feelings.

    Kevin Williams
    founding chair of the DNA Association

  4. Hang Xu says:

    Hey Bruce! I’m wondering the demo you showed about the 360 degree video in one of your live streams. Is it filmed by a regular 360 degree camera or a 3D 360 degree camera? How about the 3D effect of these footage in VR Player? THX!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey dude do you know how to get a torch looking up and down in UDK

  6. Louis Arrigoni says:

    Hey Bruce,

    I’m a sound engineer and game designer who specifically focuses on VR, its super interesting creating new ideas for this unexplored medium, and your videos have been a great resource from the very start in seeing your reactions to games and your feedback on them, thank you!

    The two main games I’m currently working on are Specter Seekers and Alone (two of the vr jam finalists!). We’ve not released Specter Seekers to the public to play yet, as we’re still working on the game and deciding what path to take in the future development. However, things are coming together very nicely, and while there is still lots more to do, we were wondering if you would like to try out our game in the close future? We plan to work on the game whether we win or not, so some extra promotion and getting to see your experience and opinion of the game would be really great.

    Drop me a reply if you think you’d be interested and I’ll get Ryan the project lead to send you a more detailed email. And on a seperate note, if you want a game designer to toss some ideas around with in the future just let me know!


    – Louis Arrigoni

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