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Hey Rifters!

This week is another change up: a live stream that I did last night with some VR devs and enthusiasts!
Here are some highlights:

15:55 Oculus at E3 Speculation
17:05 Browser Apps and Productivity Apps
19:00 Music Games and VR
26:25 “Concert Attendant Hero”
26:55 VR and Stage Fright
32:20 Donkey Kong VR
38:23 Planet 1 Play test
47:18 First Law Play test
1:02:40 Notch Cubes Play test
1:07:20 Rift Amp Play test
1:12:00 Rift Runner Play test
1:19:38 What I am looking forward to with the Rift
1:23:00 Is the Rift Consumer Ready?
1:28:50 Malfate’s Castle Play Test
1:32:05 Rift Software Resources
1:36:18 Head Bob or no Head Bob?
1:43:10 Heli Hell 2 Play test
1:56:12 Rift, 3D, and Eye Strain
2:00:55 Watching a SBS 3D movie in Media Player
2:06:12 Single vs. Double Screen HMDs

I also will be putting a Torque 3D play test on my YouTube Channel. I am thinking of switching over to Torque from UDK, I will keep you posted on that status.

Still working on tutorial writing, trying to make time!

Logging Out,
–Cymatic Bruce