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Hey Rifters!

I know its been a while since I updated this site. My initial intention was to record my development efforts while making a VR experience. As it turns out, after I put up a few videos the VR community reached out to me in a big way. Most of my time has been spent making video content, performing live streams, co-organizing meetups, testing software, and speaking gigs – like the one posted above. Its been an absolute blast!

At this point, my web presence needs to be something that a blog can no longer support. This site will most likely be inactive for a good while. However, never fear! My YouTube and Twitch channels will remain active. Also, I am currently building, a place that will be more focused on VR software experiences and VR developer networking. Oh yeah, and a “Bruce’s Recommended Playlist” that will be better organized. Stay tuned!

Yours in Innovation,

–Cymatic Bruce